Survey Results Part 2: Your Book Preferences


Life smacked me upside the head this month, so this took longer than I planned. It was not my goal to publish one results post each month. :-O I did not get a response from the winner of the Amazon gift card, so I’ve picked and emailed another winner. Go check your email.

The first set of results was all about demographics. This post is all about your reading preferences. For reference purposes, there were 34 respondents.

What is your favorite genre?

Young Adult and Thrillers both came in at 47% (16 votes), with Mystery (44%, 15 votes) and Action/Adventure and Literary Fiction (both 41%, 14 votes) close behind. I can squeeze the YA, Thriller, Mystery, and Action together, but I’m not sure I can throw Lit Fiction in there, too. 🙂
Next was Contemporary Romance and Fantasy (both 35%, 12 votes).
Non-fiction and Biographies (32%, 11 votes).
Science Fiction, Paranormal, and Humor (29%, 10 votes).
Historical Fiction (26%, 9 votes).
Chick-lit and Horror (24%, 8 votes). (Some people might say they’re the same thing.)
Memoirs and Auto-biographies (21%, 7 votes). (It’s interesting that people prefer Biographies over auto-biographies and memoirs.)
Satire (18%, 6 votes)
Historical romance (15%, 5 votes)
Children’s (elementary age), Inspirational/religious, and Short stories/novellas (12%, 4 votes)
Christian fiction and Short Story collections (9%, 3 votes)
MG (Middle Grade/ tween) and Westerns (6%, 2 votes)
Christian romance and “Other” (1 vote). Not sure what “other” is.

I’ll try to keep this in mind when choosing books, and I’ll post a variety of genres (as always), but you’ll probably see more YA, Historical Fiction, and Memoirs than anything else. At least some of you like those genres. 😉


Do you prefer ebooks or physical books?

14 (41%) of you prefer ebooks, but 13 (38%)  love both equally.  We only have six die-hard ebook readers. I love both, myself.

Which book format do you prefer?

physical books 25 76%
.mobi 10 30%
.pdf 8 24%
.epub 3 9%
Other 3 9%

So, when doing giveaways, I’ll try to do mostly physical books and use Kindle and .pdf versions when I have to use an ebook.

How many books do you read each week?
Most of you read 1-3 books every week. (71%, 24 votes) A few (4) read 4-7 books. Woo hoo! Me, too! You must not have a life, either! 🙂 And three of you answered “None, but I wish I had more time to read”. That’s so sad to hear. 🙁 Even if you can only finish one book a month, you should take time for things you enjoy.

How often do you read self-published books?

I provided some numbers here as a loose guideline and was surprised to find that among readers of my blog (many of whom are authors), two have never read an indie book, and the majority of you (22, 64%) only read 1-4 per year. Four of you read 1-2/month and five read one or more a week! You’re amazing for supporting indie authors! The “other” was “I wouldn’t know, usually.” For those who don’t read indie, give them a chance! You don’t have go into it blindly. Check out some of the great authors on this blog. They’re not all self-published, but many are.

The next post will focus on your social network and internet habits. And I’ll try not to wait another month to post it.