Survey Results Part 1: Who Are You?

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to respond to my survey! I got 34 responses, which wasn’t as many as I’d hoped for, but is still enough to get an idea of what you all want to see here. I have emailed the winner of the $5 Amazon gift card, but I don’t know her name (I’m assuming from the email address that it’s a woman), and I’m obviously not going to post her email address here. So go check your email! (Even if you’re not a woman. I could be wrong, in which case I’ll be horribly embarrassed.)

To keep you from falling asleep before you get to the end of the results post, I’ll be breaking it up into several posts. Today’s results are all about who my readers are.

Male or Female?

With a ratio of 31 females to 3 males, I think it’s safe to say that most of my readers are women. Don’t worry, guys. Being here just means you appreciate a good book. And what man doesn’t like to hang out where all the women are?



At 41%, the 26-35 age range was by far the largest group.  I have to say that did surprise me, in a good way. That means that more than just my friends are reading my blog. LOL  Of course, now I’ll worry about sounding like some old freak every time I post. 😉


Are you a

39% of you are book-blogging buddies. Both non-book blogger and non-blogger came in at 36%, so I think we have a well-rounded group here. Diversification is a good thing. Only 12% are authors, but all the authors are bloggers, too.


Are you a: student, work full/part-time outside the home, work for pay from home, stay at home parent/spouse?

Again, I was surprised to find that it’s not just my friends reading. (Really. If you’re a blogger or author you know what I’m talking about. It’s always a good shock to realize that people you don’t know like to read what you write.) Of course, I do have friends who work full time outside the home, but 47% of the readers responding do. 32% work without pay at home (otherwise known as a stay-at-home parent or spouse).  29% work from home for pay (I suspect those are my author, blogger, and publicist friends). 24% are students.  I’m not sure exactly what “other” entails, because only 2 of those 4 wrote in answers.

“On leave”

“Scentsy Rep, Full Time College Student, Mommy & Wife!”

Where do you live?

82% of you are in North America. I can safely say that one doesn’t surprise me. 🙂


That’s it for today! The next post will focus on your book preferences.