Stuff Kids Said Long Ago

I’m going through old emails and I found this from Feb 2006. Jeffrey would have been 4 then.

As Jeffrey was getting ready for bed, out of nowhere he starts telling me about his class at church this morning. He says they learned about “loving each other.” “We should love people as we love each other. ‘Cept they didn’t say anything about being sunshines.” (Every morning when he wakes up, I sing ‘You Are My Sunshine” to him. Now he sings it to me all the time, and he’s all the time saying, “You’re my sunshine.”) “Maybe another time they’ll talk about that.” LOL

Yesterday morning, Jeffrey was talking about something, and he said, “I remember it like it was last time.”

He’s upstairs right now singing (yelling), “Give me that old time ‘ligion. Give me that old time ‘ligion!”

One day he asked me why I stopped. I told him there was a stop sign. His response: “Where’s the go sign?”
Or the day he was asking me what the bottle on the bathroom counter was. I told him it was the stuff Gary (Jeffrey’s big brother) uses to fix his hair. He got very upset, and asked, “How did he break it?”

Jeffrey’s upstairs singing, “Swing low, sweet chariot, aren’t you gonna carry me home?” LOL
This afternoon, we went to the park. (We finally have some nice weather with no rain! Yay!) For some reason, he wanted me to play with him instead of one of the other kids who were there. (He usually plays with the other kids.) The park has all kinds of climbing-chain-things. One is actually a “low-wire” thing you walk across with two higher chains to hold onto. I went across it first to show him how to do it. He did and said, “Look, I’m walking on the low-wire like the circus acrobats!” (We went to Barnum & Bailey a couple of weeks ago.) BTW, “low-wire” was his description, not mine–very accurate, though. I said, “Well, I walked across it, too. I’m an acrobat, too.” He said, “No. You’re a mommy.” Me: “Well, can’t I pretend to be an acrobat?” Him: “No. You’re a mommy and I like you just the way you are.” Well, how do you argue with that?

March 2006
We were watching Lady and the Tramp this morning and when the dogs were in the pound and they were all howling, Jeffrey asks, “Why don’t they just pray to God?”

July 2006 was apparently eventful
There’s a squirrel in our fireplace. Jeffrey told Jay, “Daddy, I think Santa Claus is coming down the chimney.” Jay got the flashlight and looked. there was a squirrel. He fell in somehow. Fortunately, we have glass doors on the fireplace. Jay and Danny (Jeffrey’s other big brother) tried to get him out, but the squirrel didn’t cooperate. Jay has to go fix a garage door, so the squirrel will have to wait.
No, wait, I just got word that the squirrel “fell back up the chimney.” Okay. That’s our excitement for the day.

20 minutes later…
Okay. Apparently the squirrel didn’t make it all the way up the chimney. And I can hear it down there down trying to get back up. I’m glad Jay found it before he left because if I had heard this after he left, I would have been terrified. For one thing, a couple of guys robbed a nearby convenience store Wednesday night and one of the guys escaped and ran into our neighborhood. The cops were actually searching in carports and under cars in our neighborhood for the guy. Nice. Anyway, I’ll give squirrel updates as I have them.

5 hours later…
Jay came back and tried to get the squirrel in a bucket that has a lid. The squirrel escaped and ran all over the finished part of the basement (the fireplace is in the basement), including across the top of the shelf on my desk. He knocked off all my pictures, but nothing broke. He found the window, so Jay opened it then went outside to pull the screen off. Well, of course, that scared the squirrel out of the window, so he ran around basement some more. After a couple of minutes, he found the window again and went out. I’m sure that was one very relieved little tree rat.