Guest Post: The Day We Went Camping

I’m still in the process of writing a post about our camping trip. Meanwhile, we had a school paper due about “a special day”. So we picked one chock-full of interesting things. He’s actually combined some things from all three days into one day. Most of this happened on one day, though. He said I could post it, but I couldn’t put his name on it. So here is a condensed version of our camping trip written by my ten-year-old son who shall remain nameless. (He wanted the title in big blue letters, but I couldn’t let him do that on his actual paper.)

The Day We Went Camping

One of the best days I’ve ever had was when I went camping on Petit Jean Mountain in Arkansas with my mom and little brother. Even though it was very hot, we saw many different animals. We did things we’d never done before. We hiked and swam and had a great time. I had a lot of fun and want to tell you about my special day.

Our adventure started from the minute we arrived. We had packed a camp stove, sunscreen, an air mattress, and of course, a tent. When we got to the campsite, we found a spot to put up the tent, but while we were clearing the rocks and leaves, my mom noticed that there would not be enough room to put up the tent. So we went over to another spot about ten feet away and started clearing away all the rocks right there. But we decided the ground in that spot was too uneven, so we moved again to about eight or nine feet away from where we had originally started clearing away the rocks and leaves to set up the tent.

One of the best things about that day was all the animals we saw. When we were hiking to Cedar Falls, we saw a dung beetle trying to roll a ball of dung up a little hill of dirt made by a tree root. That was funny because the ball kept rolling back downhill. While we were eating lunch at the waterfall, we saw the back half of a giant lizard before it disappeared under a rock. There were bees bothering us whenever we ate at the campsite, because we had brought fruit. On the way back to the campsite from a different trail, we saw a funky looking lizard. We looked at it for a few minutes until I said to my mom “Maybe it’s carrying another dead lizard that it’s planning on eating later.” We looked at it for a little bit longer and then my mom said, “Oh my gosh, there are two lizards mating!”

We also hiked trails we’ve never hiked before. At the welcome center we saw a neat museum full of information about the mountain and the animals that live on the mountain. Later, we went to the pool for the campers. While we were at the pool, I went down the water slide multiple times and had lots of fun. Then,we cooked hot dogs on a camp stove for the first time ever.

While we were camping there, we did do some things that were a bit boring. After we finished cooking the hot dogs, we went into the tent to eat them, because the bees were after the ketchup  In the evening after we ate , we stayed in the tent and read books until dark. Before we went to sleep, we went to the campground bathroom,but it was full of large spiders. When we finally lay down to go to sleep, I lay down in my sleeping bag and listened to the frogs and crickets.

It was a great day. We learned about several different animals. We got a lot of exercise. It was a wonderful experience. I had so much fun camping and so did my little brother, and we can’t wait to do it again next year.