Fundraising for Lazy People: Hurricane Relief Review-A-Thon


I’ve been playing with the idea of hosting a Review-A-Thon for a while. I certainly have enough reviews I need to write. The books are read and notes made; I just need to put it all together.

Then Sandy hit and I wanted to do something but I had no idea what. I just sat around feeling hopeless for a day or so until an author friend living in New York posted that her entire neighborhood was devastated. The photos were bad enough, but actually knowing someone who had lost her home gave me the kick I needed.

Remember those walk-a-thons we did as kids? Or jump-a-thons where we jumped rope for hours? Or bike-a-thons? Those were cool. Riding our bikes all day with our parents encouraging us instead of telling us to do stuff like clean our rooms. Well this is the reader’s version. No physical activity involved.

Typically a review-a-thon will have challenges and possibly prizes for those participating. I’m putting my own spin on it. The only challenges are to post as many reviews as you can, either on your blog, on Amazon, or on Goodreads, and spread the word.

There will be a giveaway. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dave have graciously donated a $20 Amazon gift card for the winner.

I will not be collecting donations. I will provide links for direct donations to the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army, two organizations providing assistance to hurricane victims in the U.S. The Caribbean was also hit hard and I am trying to get the names of a couple organizations on the ground there. If you know of a reputable organization working in Cuba or Jamaica, please let me know. I ask that all bloggers who choose to participate also provide direct links. Donors will be more likely to give directly to the organizations.

In the spirit of the old “a-thons”, donors can choose to leave a comment at the beginning of the weekend (Nov 9-11) pledging a certain amount per review posted, or at any time during the weekend pledging a fixed amount. This was all put together very quickly so I don’t know yet how many books I have yet to review, but I’ll have an approximate number by the 9th.

This video has pictures all the way through, with a little studio time. If I find a better, more up-to-date video, I’ll switch.

Here is an excellent article about emergency giving. Please note that at this time, both the Salvation Army and the American Red Cross have asked for cash donations, rather than food, clothing, or blankets.

You can start earning entries now by sharing, tweeting, or blogging about the Review-a-thon. Thanks for helping to spread the word!


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