Kid Quotes (8/18)

This morning, while I was buttoning his shorts, I gave Bennett a kiss on the cheek.
“Careful, Mama, I’m sensibiv.”
“You’re sensitive?”
“Yeah, I have a broken bone in my belly button.”

Jeffrey and I get fever blisters. We make every effort to make sure that Bennett doesn’t. Jeffrey is a little anxious about it, so of course, this has made Bennett anxious about it. Bennett had a “doggie box” from the restaurant in the fridge. He was hungry, and I was in the middle of something so I told him to ask Jeffrey to get his box for him.
The poor child was distressed. “But my box is going to have a fever blister!”

On my birthday, Bennett told me, “But I liked it when you were the old number!”

A song on the radio mentioned a rodeo, or something reminded Jeffrey of a rodeo; I don’t really remember how it came up,but Jeffrey asked, “Didn’t we go to a rodeo one time?”
“That was fun. And I got to eat all kinds of exotic southern foods.”

The boys were watching a Pokemon movie or a show – something. Jeffrey’s all into Pokemon and Bennett knows a lot, too. Jeffrey’s always telling him more stuff. So, I overheard this this morning:
B: What Pokemon is that?
J: Celebi
B: Is that food?

In the midst of an argument over the trampoline:
Jeffrey: Tell Bennett the trampoline is like an outhouse. If no one is in it, you can use it.

And again with the bedtime issues:
B: I need sumfin to do
Me: You can go to sleep
B: I’m already doing that. I need sumfin else to do.

After playing Wii Sports the other day, Bennett informed me, “People can’t play real sports.” Apparently he had decided that sports were just something on a video game, and it didn’t occur to him that the idea for the video game may have come from an actual sport.

He came to me last night saying, “I have a broken muscle. My elbow fell apart.” (A possible result of playing those fake games on Wii Sports.)