#BlogFlash2012 Day 5: Frustration

I’m gonna need a bigger ax.

If you read yesterday’s BlogFlash post, then you already know where this is going.

I got a new laptop for my birthday Friday. I decided to format my 8-year-old Dell laptop for my older son to use. He already uses it for school-work anyway. It had never been formatted. Formatting and reloading Windows XP went fine. I loaded all the drivers from Dell’s handy disk and loaded the drivers for the wireless adapter. Hours of Google searches later, still no internet connection. It finally occurred to us to hook it up right to the wall. Update Windows and fix everything. Or not. We’re about to just go buy the boy a cheap laptop to use for school-work and writing.

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4 thoughts on “#BlogFlash2012 Day 5: Frustration

  1. Oh dear. I think you’re extremely clever to do all that anyway. I wouldn’t have a clue. The Hubby usually deals with all that stuff. Hope the new laptop is easy to set up. xx

  2. Sledgehammers? Canyons? Who knew there were such helpful bloggers out there? LOL
    David,you know I had go look up ax to make sure I didn’t misspell it. Slight moment of uncertainty there. Turns out we’re both right.How ’bout I just throw the laptop in the ocean and you let me know when it gets to you? 🙂

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