#BlogFlash2012 Day 4: Busy


Why is it that no matter how well you (try to) schedule and plan, there is never enough time for everything? Something is always popping up. Best laid plans and all that jazz. This weekend, for example, I had a great plan. I have a review book that I have in PDF format, so I need to read it on my laptop. (I actually have the hardcover book, but it’s in a box somewhere from my move and since the review is due tomorrow, I don’t have any more time to hunt for it.) I was going to spend today reading. Instead, I’m setting up a new laptop and trying to figure out why the old laptop won’t connect to the internet after formatting, even after the wireless adapter drivers have been installed. I have a feeling I may have to switch one busy for another later this afternoon and stop messing with the stupid computers and start reading. Busy, busy, busy!

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