Thugbook by C.J. West Free Today (6/21)& Enter to Win a Kindle

Looking for a great thriller? Thugbook by C.J. West is free on Amazon today (6/21) only! I just finished it and I loved it! And after you pick up your free copy, come back and find out how to enter to win a Kindle Fire! (If you miss the free promo, the book is still worth its 99 cent price.)

From Amazon:
A Digital Short
19,000 words

Blaine Stevens and his friend Jones team up to build a new kind of social network. Thugbook arms citizens with cameras and gives them the power to take back the streets.

At first only the brave dare photograph a crime in progress, fearing retaliation, but soon gang members are the ones who are afraid.

Criminals appear on the web by the hundreds, their pictures on a city map identifying them and their turf. The cops ignore the crime-stopping technology, but a more sinister group embraces Thugbook and begins stopping criminals permanently.

Thugbook is engulfed in a swirl of lawsuits and threats to shut the company down. As the stock soars skyward and the site rivals the popularity of Facebook and Google+, two founders with very different agendas battle to fulfill their mission.

Get your copy here.

Enter to win a Kindle Fire
Now go to C.J.’s website and enter to win a Kindle Fire. I’d appreciate if you’d use my email address in the Referred By box. chefamanda (at) gmail dot com