Introducing My Other Book Blog

I’ve been reviewing books for a little over a year now and I’ve read some great books (and a few not-so-great, but that’s not the point here), but I’ve passed up quite a few books that sounded great because they had sex scenes in them. And a quite a few more probably had sex in them, but I couldn’t ask because they come to me through automated request systems. 

The audience for this blog has developed into mostly fans of YA and/or Christian books. Which is fine. I love those books (and I’m grateful for my faithful readers). But I love to read almost anything, and I don’t like limiting myself, so I’ve been thinking for a while of starting a second blog for the books that don’t fit here. This blog will remain family-friendly, and I will still post all my kid stories and random ranting on this blog. This is, after all, my personal blog. My Other Book Blog (because I’m just original like that) will be book-related posts only. Reviews, giveaways, release announcements, that kind of thing. There will no erotica over there, but I’ll have romance, thrillers, mysteries, horror, whatever sounds interesting to me. So if you prefer no sex in your books, just stay here and I’ll still be posting plenty of reviews and giveaways here. If you like a little “more” in your books, you’ll want to follow the new blog, as well.

The new blog will allow me to read and review a wider range of books that interest me, because I don’t like being in a box. You can find the new blog at and you’ll find several ways to follow over there. There is a separate Facebook page, but both blogs will use my current Twitter account. I just don’t have time to maintain separate Twitter accounts. And, yes, I am aware that both blogs use the same header photo. Living, Learning, and Loving Life is currently undergoing a redesign by Staci at Blogging Bella Designs, and will have a new header soon.

Thanks for sticking around and I hope to see you on the new blog!