Help Me Clean Out My Mom’s Shelves. Hundreds of Books for Sale.

Just in case you haven’t yet figured it out, I love to read. Well, I come by it honestly. My mom has a bit of addiction, as well. However, she’s not as good at getting rid of them as I am, and they’ve kind of piled up. So while we’re here for a few weeks, I’m listing them on eBay for her. 

So, my fellow reading addicts, I have a treat for you: hundreds of books in new or almost-new condition, for sale cheap. There are 56 auctions, and most of them are Love Inspired Romances (Christian/Inspirational). Those are mostly sorted by author. There are also a few auctions for non-Christian romances (Nora Roberts, Heather Graham, Debbie Macomber). If romance isn’t your thing, I do have one auction for a few Christian novels of various genres.

The Christian books are all listed first and the non-Christian books are at the end of the list. If you’re a Debbie Macomber fan, I have three auctions of  her books, one for paperbacks, one for hardcovers, and one for her Cedar Cove Cookbook.

So go nab yourself some books and help me dig my mom out from under her pile of books.

Each of those stacks of books has two more stacks behind it. Yes, three shelves packed three stacks deep. Plus the books on the two bottom shelves, and that box is full of books, as well.