Quick Tip for Rafflecopter Drawings

I’m sure some of you already do this, but it may be a new idea for someone out there. When you see a Rafflecopter form with a long list of blogs on it, don’t skip it just because you don’t want to like or follow a bunch of new blogs. You can get entries for any of those blogs you may already be following.

If you follow a few (or several) book blogs on Twitter, you may not even realize how many of the entries you can get as “freebies”. Same thing applies if you’re entering on one of the drawings on a coupon site. The same kind of blogs tend to participate in similar drawings, so if the prize is something that interesting to you, you may already be following one or more of the participating blogs.

You can click the “Do It!” button and if you’re already following, the Like or Follow button will be grayed out. Just enter your Twitter handle if necessary, and hit Enter. If you’re not already following and don’t want to, just hit Cancel. I usually make a quick run-through on the Rafflecopter form, because I follow so many book blogs that I don’t always remember which ones I’m following, especially on Twitter.

Now go win something cool! You can start here on my Giveaways Page.