My Twitter Rules

We all know there are official Twitter rules (like only 1,000 tweets per day – can I just say that if you’re tweeting 1,000 times a day, you seriously need to get a life?) and unofficial Twitter rules (like no auto-DMing “buy my book” links to all new followers). Well, I’ve come up with my own list of Twitter rules.

  1. Do not send me an auto-DM asking me to read your book/ visit your blog/ like your Facebook page when I follow you. I’ve actually gotten more than one “I bet you’d love my book!” DMs about books I HAD ALREADY REVIEWED. Made me want to go delete the review.
  2. Do not follow me just to get me to follow you. I stopped doing the followback thing when I realized that a couple hundred people had unfollowed me after I followed them back. Follow me because you like what I post, because I assure you I won’t follow you if I don’t like what you post. More on that later.
  3. If you choose to disregard Rule #2, at least give me more than 24 hours to follow you back before you reveal your rudeness by unfollowing me. I usually only have time to follow up on follows and RTs over the weekend.
  4. In case you missed the point of Rules #2 and #3, I’ll spell it out. It’s RUDE to follow someone solely to get them to follow you so you can subsequently unfollow them.
  5. If you only post links to your book and/or blog, I will not follow you. I have no problem with a little self-promotion. I post links to my own blog posts. However, I also post links to other blogs, articles, and RT a lot., as well as tweeting random stuff every now and then. I try to interact with other tweeps, but it’s hard when 90% of what comes through my feed is advertising. Someday I’m going to have time to cull the people who only post that stuff. Meanwhile, I won’t follow any new tweeps who do that.

I think I’m done now and five is a nice place to quit. How about you? What are your personal Twitter rules?