Book Review: Toonopolis: Gemini by Jeremy Rodden

Amazon summary
Gemini finds himself thrown into a cartoon universe, becomes a reluctant hero, and fights to save Toonopolis’s destruction from a deadly shadowy figure.

My review
I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book, but I was pleasantly surprised. It’s not knee-slapping funny, but it’s funny all the way through, especially the snappy one-liners. Toonopolis:Gemini is a mystery/adventure that takes place in a cartoon world. If you have ever watched a cartoon, you’ll enjoy this book, although if you haven’t watched cartoons in the last few years, there may be some references that aren’t as funny because you won’t recognize them. (After tripping over a pineapple while walking underwater, a puzzled character asks, “Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?”)

I loved the characters and they were detailed enough (though two-dimensional) that I actually cared about what happened to them, and it was a very well-developed story. My favorite character was Jimbob the Talking Eggplant. I totally need a snarky eggplant sidekick.

About the book
Title: Toonopolis: Gemini (Toonopolis Files, #1)
Author: Jeremy Rodden
Publisher: Portmanteau Press LLC
Release date: May 30, 2011
Pages: 314
Where I got the book: I may have bought it, or I may have snagged it when it was offered on a free Amazon promotion.