Book Review: Retreat to Folly by Missy Fillion

Amazon summary
What if you met Jesus on the beach? Susan, an exhausted mother of three, wonders if sleep deprivation has finally made her crazy after a beach walk turns into an encounter with Jesus. She thought coming on this retreat on Folly Beach, South Carolina would give her some rest and renewal from her hectic life and maybe an attitude adjustment which she badly needs. The retreat and a series of life-changing encounters with Jesus challenge Susan to leave behind her narrow view of herself and mothering. The retreat sessions teach her to put her past in the past and embrace her present. Her time with Jesus magnifies these lessons with spiritual healings. Can Susan accept that Jesus is interested in the state of her soul and the state of her motherhood, and they are more closely intertwined than she could possibly imagine?

My review
Like most moms, Susan has spent all her time and energy on her family and now she’s feeling run-down and put-upon and wonders if there is more to “Susan” than just “Mom” and “wife”, so she attends a women’s retreat held at her favorite beach. She gets great advice from the retreat leader and from the other attendees, but her greatest boost comes from talking to Jesus on the beach. No, really. Jesus is on the beach. This book could so easily have become overbearing and preachy. I don’t like preachy fiction. If I’m in that mindset, I’ll read the Bible or a devotional. Somehow, although probably half the book is conversations with Jesus, Fillion managed to make it not preachy. Instead, Retreat to Folly is a sweet inspirational book that will strike a chord with women everywhere.

About the book
Title: Retreat To Folly
Author: Missy Fillion
Release date: March 18, 2012
Pages: 197
Where I got the book: Free from the author in exchange for an honest review