7 Things I Learned While Moving

I’m moving this weekend, for the second time in less than seven months. In fact, both my computers are packed up and I had to come to the library to write this post because it wouldn’t go away until I wrote it. (Why won’t a best-selling novel come live in my head and refuse to leave?) As a result of both moves, I’ve come to realize a few things.

1. I have more food than I thought. Even after not buying groceries for the past three weeks.

2. I have more stuff than I realized. I would love to blame it on the kids, but most of the junk really is mine.

3. No matter how much stuff you have left to pack, the things you need are already packed. No amount of planning will prevent this.

4. Always pack the can opener last.

5. It’s really, REALLY hard for me to not have internet access for an extended period of time.

6. Basements are under-appreciated, and should be declared the Eighth Wonder of the World.

7. I have the most amazing friends in the world. In fact, you probably don’t have any friends, because I’m sure I have more than my fair share. Sorry about that.

I’m off to finish packing. I won’t be online until probably Monday. So go spend some time with your family. I don’t want to miss anything fun on the internet while I’m gone.

What about you? What did you learn during your last move?

6 thoughts on “7 Things I Learned While Moving

  1. I too am packing to move, again, I am married to a gypsy . This will be the 11th move in 23 years. The first 7 years of marriage we actually stayed in one place. Since then I have learned not to put roots down too deep. You would think u would not accumulate much, but it seems I do. Here is one thing I did learn NOT to do. I had some boxes that had moved, oh three or four times and I never needed anything in them, so without looking in them to actually check what was in them, I put them out on the curb with trash. About 6 mos. later I got a letter from IRS that I was being audited, no problem, I always kept all my stuff…..now where are those boxes… Hmmm….you guessed it, they were tossed. I survived the audit, the bank reprinted my statements and a great CPA took care of me. But, now even tho I want to throw out boxes without looking I don’t let myself do it.
    Good luck with your move, I still have 3 weeks to go before the movers come, but my laptop and phone go with me. Can’t go without a Internet fix daily!!!!

    • You’re moving AGAIN? Maybe you should leave everything packed this time. LOL My laptop and phone didn’t do much good without wifi. I have a low data plan on my phone, which usually isn’t a problem because I usually have wifi at home. But the friends I was living with were gone for the weekend and they thought *I* was going to be gone, too, so the wifi was off. So I had limited internet access. I’m okay now. 🙂

  2. My last move was 17 years ago and I learned how much I hate moving. And with all the cr** I’ve accumulated over the last 17 years, I can’t even imagine how much I will hate it when we eventually move from here.

    Maybe I’ll just burn it all : )

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