Book Review: Flidderbugs by Jonathan Gould

Amazon summary
Flidderbugs is a political satire, a fable, or maybe just a funny little story about a bunch of bugs with some very peculiar obsessions.

My review
That has to be the most concise and accurate blurb I have ever seen for a book. On one level, Flidderbugs is a cute story that kids will enjoy. The Quadrigons and Triplifers are two tribes of bugs sharing one tree. While they spend all their time arguing over how many points the leaves on the tree have, it’s really quite funny to read about the absurd lengths some bugs will go to in order to not learn the truth. Until disaster threatens and the bugs have to learn to work together.

Adults can, of course, enjoy that part of the story, as well. Or they can appreciate the deeper messages.

  • To these bugs, perception is more important than truth, even to those who know better.
  • They have ridiculous divisions similar to our political, racial, and religious factions. None of the bugs have ever been to the “other” side of the tree. Indeed, “different” bugs are not welcome.
  • They have one group of bugs who believe everything the government says, simply because the government says it. And then there is the group who is anti-government and refuses to believe anything the government says. No matter which side is in power. Crazy, fickle bugs. Humans would never act like that.
  • The absurdity of the “geniuses” who are only interested in researching obscure things like the essence of a leaf, and ridicule and denounce anyone who dares to think differently than they do.
  • Tragedy is imminent if the two groups vying for power don’t find a way to work together to find balance.

Hmmm…Any of that sound familiar?

About the book:
Title: Flidderbugs
Author: Jonathan Gould
Pages: 71
Where I got the book: Free from the author in exchange for an honest review