Book Review: Awake: A Fairytale by Jessica Grey

Amazon summary
Alexandra Martin didn’t believe in fairytales…

Alex has always been more interested in rocks and science than stories about princesses and magic. Now she’s far too busy with her summer internship at the Gem and Mineral Museum to think about children’s stories. Between avoiding her former best friend and high school baseball star, Luke Reed, and trying to hide her unrequited crush on her mentor at the museum, the real world is occupying all of her time.

…Until she walked into one.

It turns out fairytales aren’t all fun and games. A curse has turned her neat and orderly world upside down, and to break it, she bands together with a fellow intern and a recently awakened princess who’s been asleep for almost 900 years. Can this trio of unlikely heroines put an end to an ominous enchantment, discover true love, and keep an ancient and evil magic from being unleashed on modern-day Los Angeles?

My review
First, I have to let you know that while I do not personally know the author, I have been friends with her mom for years through an internet group. And I totally took advantage of that friendship to request a review copy of this book after reading an excerpt.

Alexandra Martin is pretty and smart and believes more in science than fairy tales. Until she stumbles onto her very own USO (Unidentified Sleeping Object). Along with her friend Becca, who also prefers facts over fantasy, Alex is suddenly thrown into a mixed-up version of the Sleeping Beauty story. Of course, there is also a beautiful princess involved. But what happens when true love is nowhere to be found?

This was such a fun story; there was just nothing I didn’t like about it. It was funny; there were some silly scenes and the girls (even the princess) didn’t mind laughing at themselves. The dialogue was realistic (well, as realistic as dialogue about 900-year-old princesses can be). Alex and Becca were self-described nerds and weren’t the least bit ashamed of being smart. Princess Lilia even jumped right in to help solve the mystery and was very sweet to the other girls.

It’s not all sunlight and roses, though. Actually, there are roses. Lots of them, but that’s not really a good thing. But I digress. Alex has no idea how attractive men find her beauty and brains and has very little self-confidence at the beginning of the story. Her confidence grows, and it’s not just because of men (which would kind of ruin the whole girl-power thing the story has going on), but because with her friends’ help, she realizes just how much she’s capable of.

There was just enough foreshadowing to keep drawing me in, but not so much that it gave away the end of the story. I read this in two nights, only because I couldn’t stay awake long enough to finish it the first night. I loved reading about Alex and her friends fighting the evil fairy and rescuing her prince.

About the book
Title: Awake: A Fairytale
Author: Jessica Grey
Publisher: Tall House Books
Release date: Feb 4, 2012
Pages: 306
Where I got the book: Free from the author in exchange for an honest review