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400 Posts!

Well, now it’s 401. I just happened to notice that I have 400 posts on this blog. So I decided to waste time I really shouldn’t be wasting and check out a few stats just for fun.

Out of 400 total posts, 284 were in 2011. Needless to say, I didn’t get serious about blogging until last year.

My stats only go back to August 2010, for whatever reason.
August-Dec 2010: 473 Pageviews (94.6/month)
Jan – Dec 2011: 10,102 Pageviews (841/month – a bit of an improvement, I think)
Jan – Feb 2012: 4,530 Pageviews (2,265/month – hey, I have readers!)
Year-to-date: 5,131 Pageviews

So a little after two months into the year, I’ve had almost half of the amount of traffic I had for all of last year. Not bad. My next goal is to reach 100 hits a day consistently. That would involve posting every day again. And not wasting time playing with my stats. đŸ˜‰

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