Maybe Dark Baker Lives in Halloween Gardens…

You would think with the gazillion Star Wars Lego sets the boys have that Bennett would know all the names by now. I certainly thought so. This morning, the boys were naming off all the Lego Star Wars characters they have. Bennett contributed, “And we have Dark Baker!”

I’ve mentioned my friend’s three-year-old daughter “K”. The other morning when we were getting ready to go to Callaway Gardens, K asked where we were going.
B: Hallaway Gardens!
K: Halloween Gardens?
Who needs a game of “Gossip” when you have two three-year-olds in the house?

Jeffrey has developed a habit of adding “Will ya” to his requests to Bennett. “Hand me that, will ya?” “Help me with this, will ya?”
Bennett finally got fed up and yelled, “Jeffwey! My name is NOT Willya!