Our Annual Trip to Callaway Gardens

Bennett is a short peregrine falcon.

Every year, Callaway Gardens offers free admission during the months of January and February. This is our fourth year to take advantage of the deal, and as Bennett grows, you can imagine how different each year’s visit is from the previous years.

Wednesday morning, after blow-drying the car seat cover and reassembling the whole mess, I took a shower while Jeffrey made the sandwiches for our picnic lunch. Despite the fact that I really should know to expect the unexpected, I was surprised to hear the boys messing around with my toolbox when I turned off the shower. As soon as I was decent, I asked them what they were doing. Jeffrey informed me in a perfectly serious voice that they were looking for a wrench to help them open the jelly. I retrieved the Pampered Chef jar opener from the kitchen drawer for them and retreated to the bathroom to bang my head against the wall finish getting ready.

For some reason, our radio station started cutting out pretty quickly, so we plugged in the iPod, something we haven’t done in a long time. My iPod is loaded with everything from Guns ‘N Roses to Veggie Tales to George Jones to the Eagles. My music tastes are almost as eclectic as my reading preferences. We used to listen to the iPod all the time while in the car, but we haven’t really done that since Bennett was born, so Jeffrey doesn’t remember many of the songs.

I was taking pictures of the butterflies when I accidentally took this really cool picture.

When I first turned it on, Jeffrey said, “Ah, listening to the iPod feels like old times.”

A Veggie Tales song came on that Jeffrey said he didn’t remember ever hearing. It’s actually an old church song, “Standing In the Need of Prayer” as sung by Junior Asparagus. I reminded Jeffrey that he has heard it and he used to complain every time it played because of the line, “Not my brother, not my sister, but it’s me, standing in the need of prayer.” “Junior doesn’t HAVE any brothers or sisters!” I explained again that the song was referring to brothers and sisters in Christ, basically people at church, not real brothers and sisters.

I don't remember which bird this was; I just thought the silhouette was really awesome.

The birds of prey show was interrupted because the local wild bald eagle started flying around and the handlers were concerned that she would swoop down and snag one of their birds. Aside from that, the day was pretty uneventful, especially when compared to Tuesday. We just roamed around and took a few pictures.