They’re Always Smarter Than We Think

I was getting ready to sit down here and put down some cute things the kids have said when Bennett totally freaked us out. (And now I can’t remember all the things I was going to write.) I read to him all the time. I have always read to him and Jeffrey. Well, Jeffrey’s been reading on his own now for years, but you know what I mean. There have been a couple of times that Bennett has “read” something on a sign, but I just assumed that someone had told him what it said previously and he just remembered. One day, he was watching Netflix and I was getting ready to turn the TV off while he was between episodes. I don’t remember what show he was watching, but it he said, “I want to watch the elephant episode!” I looked at the screen and there in the description of the next episode, was the word, “elephant”. And this was months ago. He had probably just turned three. I thought, “There is no way he read that. He just remembers that there is an episode with an elephant and it just happens to be the next one.”

I still don’t know if he can actually read. I haven’t “tested” him and I won’t. He’ll let me know when he’s ready, or he’ll just start reading books. Whatever. He’s only three. What freaked us out was that he was sitting here spelling words. It started when he said something about the Lego dog. “D-O-G” “Did you tell him that?” I asked Jeffrey. Then out of curiosity, Jeffrey started asking him several other “starter” words, cat, pig, car (C-E-R, but he’s got the idea), bird, a few others I don’t remember.

It’s not that big of a deal that a three-year-old knows that stuff. I know preschool is all the rage these days and there are probably three-year-olds reading Tolstoy somewhere. Not my style, though. I think three-year-olds should be playing with toys and aggravating their big brothers, not going to school. I’m not going to start doing anything differently now that I know he’s picking up on some stuff. I’m not going to pretend that I’m not proud of him, though. 😀

On to the cute stuff:

Every night before he falls alseep, Bennett tells me that he’s scared of the dark.
“Close your eyes. Then you can’t see the dark.”
“Then it will be even darker!”
“But you won’t be able to see it.”
He never falls for it, by the way.
Yesterday morning, when were having our early-morning snuggle, he said, “I’m not going to be scared of the dark anymore.”
Last night: “I’m scared of the dark.”
“You told me this morning you weren’t going to be scared of the dark anymore.”
“I meant tomorrow.”

The boys and I are living in an in-law suite in a friend’s basement. We were upstairs Monday and I suggested to Jeffrey that he come back down here and read. He said, “I’ll be alone!” My friend’s three-year-old daughter, K, told him, “God is in the basement!” A few minutes later, she said, “Jeffrey! God is in the basement alone!”