The Good Old Days

First, let me say that I have no idea why Feedburner sent ten posts out this afternoon. I’m sure it had something to do with changing the feed, but I had no control over it and had no idea it would do that. At least it was just one email. Still, I’m sorry about the glitch, and I’m hoping it was a one-time thing.

Okay, so it looks like I may be posting every day after all, because the nag in my head won’t leave me alone. Someone want to come take her out to dinner or something so she’ll leave me alone? From April through November, I posted every day, sometimes more than once a day. I thought I took December off, but I still had 16 posts in December. And after the first few days, I was okay with not posting daily. I had so much going on that I was okay with giving myself permission to take a break. Apparently the break is over. Now that I’ve started posting again, it’s like a compulsion. Surely there’s treatment for this…

While someone’s working the whole blog rehab thing, here’s some Bennett stuff for you. (For those who are new here, he’s three, and frequently makes appearances on the blog because the stuff he says is much funnier than anything I come up with.)

When asked what he wanted for a snack: “Something fascinating.”

He no longer says, “You’re belpum.” We’ve graduated to, “You’re wel-um.” We’re still working on C and K sounds.

I keep my tape measure on my desk because I use it to measure the stuff I put on ebay. He grabbed it, spread his arms out, looked at the tape, and said, “I’m seventeen long!”

Just tonight, he asked me, “Remember the good old days, Mama?”