“Scraping Up the Field Mice”

Bennett was trying to open something and just asked if he should “turn this clockways”.

He was taking a bath and noticed all the bubbles caught on the hairs on his legs. He was freaking out. “How do I get all these bubbles off me?!?” I couldn’t help but laugh.

You know those cartoons in which the little boy and little girl are sitting together and the boy says, “No, you can’t play with mine. You broke yours.” Turns out, little boys actually think that. Bennett asked me, “Where is your penis? Did you break it off?” Really, there is only so much you can say to a three-year-old.

Bennett told Jeffrey he wanted to “play parrot-chute”. I’m thinking that involves jumping off something, and I’m not entirely sure I want to know the details.

I’m not sure where they heard it, but both Bennett and my friend’s three-year-old daughter, “K”, have been walking around singing “Little Bunny Foo-Foo”. Except, instead of “scooping up the field mice”, K is “scraping up the field mice”. Hmm…roadkill, maybe?