Oh, The Junk That You’ll Find!

I was planning on going through some boxes yesterday. I have several in the basement that are only half-full, and I thought I’d throw some stuff away and combine the boxes. After the first box, I gave up. It took too long. But it was like opening a time capsule. And I couldn’t believe the stuff that was still in there, considering that I had gone through that box in 2004 before we moved into this house. (I know I did because I had marked it with the date.) It was almost all stuff from my childhood, sentimental stuff that I wanted to keep. Which is fine, to an extent. But some non-sentimental junk had migrated into the box. I was so fascinated with what I found that I thought I’d share with you. This should be more enlightening than all of my Know Me Better posts combined. LOL

I found a “descriptive essay” I wrote in November, 1984, at the age of nine. I think my writing has improved. I hope. My handwriting isn’t much better, though. I also found a drawing, without a date, but likely from the same time-frame. Let me just say that, even then, my writing was much better than my drawing. (If I get enough requests, I might post both here, purely for your entertainment.)

I also found the paper on which my mom recorded my books for the summer reading program at our library in 1982. I was six that summer. I would have turned seven in August. Lest you ever doubt that I have always been crazy about books, check this out.

Oh, that’s not so many, right? (BTW, see how pretty my mom’s handwriting is? Mine doesn’t look anything like that.)

There are all the books. And we didn’t really live near the library, so a big thanks to my awesome mom (with the neat handwriting) for hauling me to the library every two weeks all summer, every summer.

I found a business card for my former roommate’s husband. I moved to Georgia shortly after she married, and I’ve been trying to remember her new last name for years. I have seen her once since I moved, but due to various circumstances, we lost touch and I’ve been trying to find her online for a long time, which isn’t easy when you can’t remember someone’s last name. Now that I have her last name, I should be able to find her! I know what town she’s in, or at least the general area.

I found my old hunting vest. Complete with shotgun shells in the pockets. I haven’t been hunting in about 25 years.

I found a coupon caddy thing. Full of coupons that had expired in 1999.

I found three unicorns. I used to collect unicorns, but I thought I had sold all of them years ago.

I found some My Little Pony clothes and accessories. No, I wasn’t saving those for sentimental reasons. I have no clue how they made it through the first check of that box.

I found an unopened bottle of Robert Rothschild Extra Virgin Olive Oil. With olives. I don’t know where it came from or how long it’s been in there. I figure it’s either really good or really bad by now.

I found the brush, comb, leash, and collar that belonged to one of my dogs. Not exactly sure which one. I also found the bell that was on my cat’s collar. I do know where that came from. I got a cat for my 6th birthday and had him until he died right after my 22nd birthday. I’m keeping the bell.

My baby. Notice he’s lying on MY BOOK.

I found my old jacket, one of the few things I never allowed my mom to hand-me-down to my cousins. I loved that jacket. I also found my t-shirt collection. I was going to wash them and put them in Bennett’s closet for play clothes (well, some of them anyway), but they all had water stains from when the box had gotten wet, so after washing them, I threw them away. (Please do not tell me that there was a way I could have gotten the stains out. The shirts are already gone.) I did save two. My Arkansas friends will recognize the shirts, and we can entertain all the non-southerners. I had kids’ shirts from Dogpatch (2), Toad Suck Daze, Booger Hollow, Arkansas Travs baseball, and the Vilona Eagles (2). I also had one from Loretta Lynn’s Ranch. (That’s for my TN friends.) And a MathCounts t-shirt. I vaguely remember being on a MathCounts team, but I can’t even remember which school that was. Yuma, maybe?

The jacket. Don’t worry, I was really young when I wore this. Probably 12 or 13. Just kidding. I was 5 or 6.

 And that wasn’t even everything in the box. I’m almost scared to open my other boxes.