Stick a Fork In Me; I’m Done. Until the Next Trip.

Well, I’m so glad I decided to drive today to miss the bad weather. Because it rained. All. The. Way. But, it was interesting, as always.

Bennett entertained us by singing the Addams Family theme song, and “Deck the halls with boughs of polly.” I didn’t get the polly song on video, but I’ll try to get that posted for you as a Christmas gift.

Bennett: Did you get me from the Bennett machine?
Me: I…uh…what?
Bennett: Did you get me from the Bennett machine?
Me: Um, no. Why?
Bennett: I used to be a robot.

Jeffrey: When we get home I need three things. But I can’t remember the third thing.

Bennett, while eating at Burger King, looking around: Where’s the Burger King?

Jeffrey can’t pronounce “peculiar” very well, and he asked Bennett if he could say it.
Me: He can’t say some of those letters, so probably not.
Bennett: I can only say, “I love you,” and some other stuff.

We stopped for gas at a station with a Subway restaurant inside. I was pumping gas, so I missed the conversation inside the car, but as we drove away, Bennett said, “I want the big letter!”
Me: What? The big letter? What big letter?
Jeffrey: The Subway “Y”?
Bennett, bursting into tears: Yeah. I want the Subway “Y”.

We’re home now, and somehow we survived. Even without a Subway “Y”.