I Haven’t Done Anything Useful, So Here’s What’s Going On

I seriously over-estimated how much I could get done while visiting my parents this week. Too much going in too small a space to be able to focus to write reviews. Ugh. I did get a couple things done that I’ve been wanting to do on the blog. I finally got my Amazon store set up and added to the site. You can find all the books I’ve reviewed on the blog, as well as a few that I haven’t reviewed here, but I do recommend, including several books about Asperger’s and autism.

I also added some discount codes for several different online booksellers. These will be updated frequently as the stores change their sales. The codes and the link to the Amazon store can all be found on the Store Links & Coupons page.

I’ve also added links to my Giveaway page for lists of book giveaways on other book sites. So after you enter my giveaways, you can jump over and enter to win more books. They’ll also be there in between my own drawings, so you’ll always have drawings to enter.

So you have a few new things to click around on if you have some time to spare. And I’ll try to be more productive.