Discontinuing the Giveaway Poll

I’m getting more visitors and more followers every month (thank you!), but the number of people voting for the weekly book giveaway is going down. The idea to give away the books only came to me after I had been reviewing for a while and had a big stack of books piling up, so giving them away along with the review wasn’t really an option by that point. I thought it would be fun to let my readers decide which book they wanted to win, so I started posting the poll every week. Since readers aren’t voting, though, this obviously isn’t appealing to anyone so we’re going to switch things around. (Actually, one person voted this week, but removed his or her votes midweek for some reason.)

So unless I get an overwhelming response that says otherwise (and I can’t imagine why I would; see above), I’ll just start selecting the weekly book at random, save myself a few minutes every week posting the poll, and free up some space on the sidebar.