Beware the Sharp Eye

Jeffrey dropped a clear Lego and said, “It’s a good thing I’ve got a sharp eye.” Bennett reached up and poked him in the eye and said, “Ouch!” When Jeffrey asked him why he was the one who said, “Ouch,” Bennett replied, “Cuz you’ve got a sharp eye.”

This is also the kid who punches his brother every time Jeffrey says, “Beats me.” I keep trying to tell Jeffrey that saying, “I don’t know” instead would be much easier than trying to explain a figure of speech to Bennett.

Jeffrey: I hope I’m rich when I grow up.
Me: Me, too.
Bennett: You are rich.
Jeffrey: It’s different when you’re an adult. When you’re a kid, having a $100 makes you rich. When you’re adult, you have to have $1,000 to be rich.

Jeffrey, after leaving the playground where one of the Lego men was exploring the volleyball court: Lego people are so lucky to have Lego hair. If you get sand in it, you can just take your hair off.