What A Lovely Day…Despite the Rain

Well, it didn’t start off well, and I wasn’t happy when I woke up at the crack of dark and couldn’t go back to sleep. At a decent hour, we got up and got ready to go to our family reunion.

We stopped at Kroger to grab some drinks (non-alcoholic) to take to the potluck. Of course, it started raining while we were inside the store, so we had to run to the car. And some idiot had parked their cart behind my car, so I had to take the time to move that before I could get into the car. Did I mention it was raining? 
Oh, and then there was the new bypass that they’ve been talking about building for 30 years. Guess what? It’s finished. Neither the GPS nor I had a clue. So that was interesting.

Things improved dramatically when we got to the reunion. One of my cousins who I haven’t seen in 11 years was there with his fiancee and kids. And two other cousins had their babies with them. And of course all the rest of my family. There are a gazillion of us and not even half were there today, but it was still fun to see everyone. 

We’re driving back to GA tomorrow, so maybe we’ll miss driving in the bad weather. Because there is apparently supposed to be snow. In Arkansas. In November. We were wearing shorts on Friday and they’re expecting snow on Sunday night. Nice.


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