Book Review: Worlds Apart by D.H. Kay

Amazon summary
NASA Scientist Roger Daly realized his life’s work, creating a man-made wormhole that shot him through space to a treacherous, unknown planet. Now, Roger finds himself abandoned and all alone in a strange new world. The planet, Eldon, turns out to be an intergalactic crossroads for wormholes. There he embarks on an epic journey where he encounters various beasts and meets a band of misfits travelers who lead him to a human civilization to the east—and possibly a way home. However, Roger soon learns is that he is headed for an epic battle for supremacy on Eldon between the natives, their former leaders, and an evil faction from another planet led by a dictator, Magnus.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Roger’s son, Bill, is caught in his own terrifying journey. Bill stumbles on information that leads him to believe that his father didn’t die in an explosion at NASA, as NASA officials claimed. Rather, he discovers that his father is still somewhere out there—alive. As Bill pulls the string, he alerts and angers some very powerful people who want him dead. As he runs for his life across the United States, he meets someone who knows of Eldon—and how to get there. Roger was a terrible father who neglected everything in his life for his science—including his son. However, their separate journeys bring them closer together and no longer worlds apart.

In the end, Roger squares off against Magnus, who has designs on not only Eldon, but also Earth. He also holds the key to let Roger return home. As Roger seeks to defeat Magnus and return home through a portal known as The Path, he is shocked to discover the true identity of Magnus and this new utopia he built on Eldon. Magnus turns out to be a very familiar face from a very familiar place.
My review
I’m going to have to quit saying I don’t like much science fiction. Because, apparently, I actually do like it. As long as it’s a good story, anyway, and Worlds Apart is a great story. At first, I was a little concerned because, as you may expect, with the main character being a NASA scientist, there is some scientific jargon and explanations that honestly, I kind of skim over. I always do that. I’m not a science person, and it keeps me focused on the actual story, rather than bogging down my brain with details that don’t make any sense to me. (I do the same thing with non-fiction. Give me examples of behaviors or the results of studies in real English, because I’m going to zone out during the two-page explanation of how this synapse connects to this synapse. Or something.) I know it’s part of the whole sci-fi thing, but I just want to get to the action.

It doesn’t take the author long to get to all the action in Worlds Apart, and it doesn’t stop moving until the end. The story switches back and forth from Roger’s time on Planet Wherever (it takes him a while to find someone who can tell him where he is) and Bill’s life on Earth. Roger is dealing with strange creatures and warring factions. Bill is also running for his life, but all his creatures have two legs.

Kay is a fabulous story teller and I didn’t want to put my Kindle down until I finished the book. I don’t mind a little foreshadowing, but I prefer a story to be unpredictable. This one is completely unpredictable. Roger and Bill have to figure out what to do and who to trust when it seems like every one is out to get them.

About the book
Title: Worlds Apart
Author: D.H. Kay
Publisher: Clayborn Press
Release date: August 11, 2011
Where I got the book: I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.
Rating: 4.5 stars Great book for sci-fi fans