Kid Wisdom

Jeffrey helped Bennett count the money in his piggy bank. When the finished, Bennett said, “I don’t have any much money!” Jeffrey told him, “That’s okay. As long as you’re happy.”

All day, Bennett has been bringing me candy to open. He usually asks, “What’s this one?” When I answered, “This one’s a Milky Way,” he got all excited and asked, “Is there milk in there?”

I can tell when Bennett’s about to fall asleep while we’re reading books at bedtime, because every night, the last thing he says is, “Mama, I lub you.” It used to be, “I’m not sleepy.”

I guess Bennett is on Team Jacob. He just told me, “Werewolves are good. Vampires are bad. Werewolves like people. Vampires don’t.”
“Where did you hear that?”
Jeffrey jumped in, “No, he didn’t!”
I have no idea.

Jay took the boys to the toy store last night so Jeffrey could pick out his own birthday present. He had some Lego sets picked out and he wanted to make sure his dad got the correct ones. When they got home, Jeffrey took a box out of the bag and said, “Look what we got Bennett for my birthday!” (It really was for Bennett. Jeffrey thought B ought to get something, too.)

Today, we pulled up to the gym where our group has P.E. Bennett said, “I’m sleeping with my eyes open.”
“Do you want to go in and play?”
“Now I’m awake with my eyes open!”