Halloween (and the Infamous Bunny Costume)

We finally made it! Halloween is done. Now we have Jeffrey’s birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas rolling at us. *sigh*

I took candy duty last night because it was just to darn cold to be outside. I still had to put on my jacket because, of course, I kept opening the door. What blew me away was how many girls were wearing their little princess outfits, with nothing covering their legs and no jackets. And it wasn’t just little ones. There were some girls who were quite old enough to know better. They weren’t princesses, but they were still wearing skirts with bare legs. Really? Is it really that important for every inch of your costume to be showing. Throw on some tights, maybe? Anyway, it wasn’t me or mine, so I suppose I shouldn’t care.

What I do care about is that neither of my boys got any Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups. None. Hello? When did people stop giving out peanut butter cups? What am I supposed to steal now?

The infamous and elusive bunny costume

The bunny tail (and our dog-in-law Angel)