Yeah, Someone Drowned, But Everything’s Great. Wait. What?

I just saw the most bizarre news story. A fishing boat capsized in Florida over the weekend. The ABC News video is running on Yahoo News today. A family of seven went out on rough water and the boat sank. An 80-year-old woman drowned, but oddly, while it’s mentioned, it’s almost glossed over. Almost as if it was no great loss, like, “Oh, she was 80, it doesn’t matter.”

The three men in the party managed to hang on to the boat and the two women, along with a four-year-old girl survived by holding on to a cooler for 20 hours until the Coast Guard found them.

I’m thrilled the six people survived, and I don’t have enough background information to judge whether they even should have been out on the water in the first place. I’m quite sure there will be plenty of speculation on that from other sources. What baffles me about the ABC segment is the way the loss of the 80-year-old woman was treated. I’m not sure if ABC is to blame for this or the person (Coast Guard representative?) giving the statement, but I was a little surprised at the way it was handled. I hope she will be mentioned a little more when/if the family is identified to the public.

Here’s the video. What do you think? Is it just me or is this story a little odd?