Random Kid Stuff

I’m tagging my book reviews and ran across this in my “drafts”. Apparently, I was collecting stuff the kids said/did from facebook. Guess I’ll publish it before it rolls around to a year old.Jeffrey said, “Bennett is putting my trousers on his head.” Trousers? What’s that kid been reading?
January 12 at 11:33am

Have you seen the “Cool Tricks” segment on Yo Gabba Gabba where the kid sticks a spoon on his nose? Bennett just fished a spoon out of the drawer & is walking around holding it on his nose. LOL
January 6

I was sitting in the living room, watching TV with Bennett when he ran into the kitchen and came back with the milk jug. Think that’s a hint? LOL
January 8

Waiting in line at the RiteAid drive-thru window this AM…
Jeffrey: Can’t you just go to one of the machines?
Me: We’re not at the bank. We’re at the drugstore.
Jeffrey: Drugstore? There’s a store that sells drugs? I thought drugs were bad for you.
Me: They don’t sell illegal drugs. But… well… most drugs aren’t really good for you, but the drugs they sell here are legal drugs.
Jeffrey: Well, I knew that. If they sold illegal drugs, they would have been closed years ago. He gets me every time.
December 29