The Radical and Controversial Jesus by Alvin E. Miller – Book Review

Amazon summary
The Radical and Controversial JesusWas Jesus Christ a radical? Did he set an agenda that upset the established political, religious, and philosophical thought of his time? According to Chaplain Lieutenant Colonel Alvin E. Miller, the answer is yes, our Lord and Savior was indeed The Radical and Controversial Jesus.

It is with this approach that Chaplain Miller encourages Christians in society to be radical agents of the Kingdom of God concerning its role in politics, religion, world events, and other social issues. Throughout, he cites the Bible and Christian thinkers from Martin Luther to Martin Luther King, Jr., to show how we, as Christians, must act as agents of this change without fear of retribution from those in power or expectation of immediate reward. Only then are we worthy of the radical and controversial legacy of Jesus.

My review
I can count on one hand the number of books I have started reading and not finished. In my entire life. (I can even name the other two, but I won’t.) I couldn’t even finish the first chapter. I got to page 19, but there are 30 pages of preface and introduction before the book even starts. So I read almost 50 pages, and I couldn’t go any farther.

The most trivial thing, but something that makes it very hard to even take the author seriously, is the excessive number of misspellings and grammatical errors.

I thought this book started off great. The author talked about Jesus standing up for his convictions, not hiding in a corner and hoping everything would be okay. But it went downhill fast.

“America is the chosen nation by God to carry the message (the light of the Gospel) to the rest of the world. America is the vehicle that carries the marvelous light to a dark world.” – The Radical and Controversial Jesus, page 3

Yes, that amazingly arrogant and not-even-remotely Biblical statement was on page three, and I still managed to read to page nineteen. Amazing, I know.

I had to stop on page nineteen, though, when I read that interracial marriage is one of the things that is “eating away at the spiritual fibers of this great nation.” However you feel about it socially and politically, interracial marriage, as it’s understood today, is not a sin. I knew when I read that line, that after reading the author’s earlier statements, that his theology and mine were so far apart that there was no way I could finish this book. The editing issues were just another reason not to finish it. It’s very hard to read a book with so many errors.

About this book
Title: The Radical and Controversial Jesus
Author: Chaplain Lieutenant Colonel Alvin E. Miller
Publisher: Dorrance Books
Release date: January 6, 2005
Pages: 294
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