Doggie Drivers

Couple of kid stories:

Jack was wrapping up the Geography (or Jography, according to Blake) unit in his History lesson yesterday when he said, “If Alaska and Canada would move around so that Alaska is down here and Hawaii moved up to touch the other states, it really would be the *United* States… But then there wouldn’t be a neat place to go on vacation.”

We were driving home the other day when Blake started laughing loud and hard. I looked at him and Jack in my kid-view mirror, and Jack asked, “What’s he laughing about?” I didn’t know either. We finally got him to calm down enough to tell us, “That dog drivin’.” Apparently, he’d seen someone driving with a dog in their lap and he thought the dog was driving. He kept saying, “That so weird.”

(BTW, for those who are following the drama, Blake is now sleeping in underwear.)