“Oh, Hold On the Rail…”

It’s been almost two weeks since my last kid update. Mark that down; you probably won’t ever get a break that long again.

A few Bennett-isms:

B: I’m missing a screw.
J: Do you mean you have a screw loose?
B: Yeah.

Jeffrey was playing Pokemon Battle Revolution. Bennett wanted to play “Pokemon Battlution” with him.

He loves to eat “pop-tops”. You know, those icky-sweet pastries? You probably still call them Pop-Tarts. That’s so last year. All the hip three-year-olds know better.

He’s been walking around singing “Oh, hold on the rail. We’re out in space.” I couldn’t figure out where he came up with it, but the tune sounded familiar. This morning, it finally hit me. I told Jeffrey, “I wonder if he’s singing Home On the Range, but he’s getting the words confused.” Bennett immediately sang, “Home, Home on the range, where the deer and the antelope play.” Sooo. Guess not.

Last night, Jeffrey was reading Bennett a couple of bedtime stories. It was very sweet. Right up until Jeffrey didn’t read a story the same way I do and Bennett told him, “You can’t read that book. Get a different book.”

Bennett watched Netflix this morning while Jeffrey was doing schoolwork. When Jeffrey was done, they were arguing over what to watch.
Jeffrey: He got to watch what he wanted this morning, so I get to watch what I want now, right?
Me (drowned out by a yelling Bennett): Yes.
Jeffrey: What? Did you say yes?
Me: Yes.
Bennett, wailing: I didn’t say yes!
(I turned on the show Bennett wanted on my computer. He watched it for 10 minutes then went into the playroom to watch TV with Jeffrey.)