Hi-Ho Cheerios

Ever had one of those days when everything just gets away from you and you can’t figure out exactly what happened? I had one of those today. I have a long list of things that should be done today, some of which really needed to be done today, like mailing a book sold on eBay. Somehow, none of it got done today. Which means I’ll be giving a discount on shipping for that book. But Bennett is battling a cold, which always makes children, oh, so pleasant. I had a doctor’s appointment this morning, so that pretty much threw off our day anyway. Then Bennett and I spent the afternoon working puzzles and playing Hi-Ho Cheerios so Jeffrey could do his schoolwork without hearing, “Jeppy, come play with me!” every few minutes. (And no, I didn’t misspell that. If you’re playing with Bennett, you’re not playing Hi-Ho Cherry-O. You’re playing Hi-Ho Cheerios.)
Hi Ho Cherry-O
Being behind also means that I haven’t publicized my book giveaway this week. So your chances are pretty good. Go enter to win a free book.