Yes Ma’am

Just a random post today.

Jeffrey has VBS this week so what little routine we have is being thrown off. I never appreciate how much time he spends entertaining Bennett until he’s not here to do it.

I’m trying to get my books organized. I keep very few books. Most I sell or trade on or just give away after I read them. Part of it is space and part of it is that I rarely read a book twice. So why keep it around when someone else could enjoy it? So right now I have a pile of books on the bed (okay, several piles) and I have to figure out where to put them so I can actually use the bed for sleeping.

Bennett is going through a “not-eating” phase. I don’t know where he gets the energy to run like a maniac through the house, but it’s not from food. Hopefully, it won’t last long. He’s also back to using the potty after a couple of weeks on strike. It’s very frustrating, but since I not only do not know a way to force him, but also don’t see the point in it, we’ll do it his way. My relationship with my son is worth more than a few diapers.

He’s talking like crazy now, although I still can’t understand a lot of what he says. I get a lot of “Follow me” and “I’ll show you.” He’s getting better at calling things the right name. Almond milk is no longer “peanut milk” (so called because of the picture of almonds on the side of the carton; he decided they were peanuts), his tricycle is now “my bicycle”, which isn’t entirely correct, but it’s much closer than what he used to call motorcycles, tricycles, and bicycles… and none of us can remember what he called them for months until just recently… which is the reason I’m writing all this stuff.

He’s figured out that everything that has already happened didn’t happen “yesterday”. Some of it happened “last time ago”.

Because he’s a little boy (with a big brother), he decided that “poopy” was the best word ever. Aside from using it every chance he got, when I’d tell him to do something, he’d say, “Yes, poopy.” Obviously, that wasn’t going to work. I reminded him that “yes ma’am” or “okay” in a respectful voice are acceptable. “Poopy” is not. So now, no matter what I say, he says “Yes ma’am”… even if it doesn’t quite fit the situation. But he’s trying, so it works and until he gets it figured out, we have some cute conversations.

Oh, and I found out Friday that someone actually reads my blog. And I found out today that a total of two people read it. Yeah, yeah, the whole point of writing on the internet is for someone to read it. Still, it’s a bit of a shock to find out that someone actually does.