Barbie and Boobs

As intriguing as the title sounds, if you are a male and related to me, you probably don’t want to read this post. In fact, if you are a male that I know personally, do us both a favor and skip this one. Trust me. There are some things that once known, can never be un-known. This is one of those “girl” things you don’t want to know. This is your last chance to turn and run away. You can come back tomorrow to a perfectly normal post.

First let me say that this is a personal rant and most people will not identify with it, nor will they care. If more people could identify with it, I wouldn’t have anything to complain about. Men won’t, for obvious reasons, and most women, well… keep reading.

A life-size Barbie may have huge breasts and an unnaturally small waist, but none of that bothered me as a kid. It’s a toy, so why would it? But as I got older and continued to wait (and wait and wait) to have enough to fill out a bra, I started getting a little insecure. Because that’s what teen girls do.

I bought the smallest bras I could find and I still didn’t fill them out. Can you say frustrating? Then I had two kids. I’m probably the only woman on the planet to give birth to two kids and end up with a smaller chest than before I had kids. Now, I’m 35 and in good shape, and I’m actually at a point in my life where I’m comfortable and happy with my body. But these days, my problem isn’t Barbie or what the boys think. It’s finding a stupid shirt that will fit. That’s it. That’s my complaint. I’m a smart, confident, grown woman, and I have to shop in the Junior department to find tops that fit – and most of those are still too big. The cuts are just way too low. Or the armholes are too big. Problems that I assume larger-chested women don’t have because I see other women (and teenage girls) buying those shirts that I can’t wear. I’ve tried the Petite department, too. That doesn’t help, either.

I’ve seen the stick-thin fashion models. They don’t have boobs, either. So why can’t someone make attractive clothes for those of us who are not as gifted as everyone else? I hate shopping because I have to try on 10-15 tops to find one that fits.

Don’t even get me started on bras.