Five Years Later…

Today is my 5-year blogoversary! Aside from being a little disgusted with Blogger the past couple of days and hoping that the service would come back up in time for this post, it’s been fun. I started this blog as a way to keep up with Jeffrey’s milestones and things we did, like field trips. I was such a newbie that my first post doesn’t even have a title. LOL

That was way before I had ever heard of Facebook, so no one was really reading my posts then. In a way, it was more relaxing that way. But after I got a few more readers (still not a lot, but more than two), I started stressing about “which direction to take” with my blog. Then I realized that I could just keep doing what I had been doing and if no one wanted to read it, it really wasn’t the end of the world. It’s kind of nice knowing people read some of what I write, knowing that it’s not all just being flung out into cyberspace to drift forever, but I discovered I write for me (at least on this blog), and while I’m honored if someone takes the time to read, it’s okay if they don’t.

My first posts were all about Jeffrey. Losing his first tooth, the rock and gem show that started his fascination with dinosaurs (which has now led to Bennett’s fascination with dinosaurs), learning to spell his name… things that I’m really glad I have documented so I can look back now. I know some people keep diaries or journals for that exact reason, but I don’t like to physically write that much and my handwriting is horrible. I’ll stick to typing.

In April (one month ago, actually) I decided I was going to try doing one post a day, every day for one year. For someone who had sometimes gone more than a year without posting, this will be interesting. Just yesterday, I was struggling, wondering why I had decided to do that. What was I thinking? Then I couldn’t even log onto Blogger and I started having withdrawals. So, yeah, it’ll be a struggle sometimes, but I’m still enjoying it and miss it when I can’t blog. We’ll see how things stand when my six-year blogoversary rolls around.