How to Get Rid of Your “Muffin-Top”

I keep hearing a commercial on the radio from a plastic surgeon who will help me get rid of my “muffin-top”, presumably with liposuction. Liposuction, with it’s $2,000 (at least) cost and (albeit minor) risks, is a rather extreme solution for “muffin-top”.  I have a much cheaper and easier solution, and it grants immediate, painless results.

This is a two-step program.
Step 1: Wear mid-rise jeans instead of low-rise jeans. No matter how skinny you are, low-rise jeans hit the body in a very bad spot. Even the thinnest people end up with “muffin-top” in low-rise jeans.
Step 2: Go up a jean-size. It’s just a number, people, and no one else knows or cares what size jeans you wear. Your friends are all too busy worrying about what size their jeans are to think about yours. Add the fact that brands are all sized and cut differently, and it really is just a number.

See how easy that is? I’ve just saved you $2,000 and time off work. If you still want to spend the money, feel free to deposit it in my Paypal account.