Say What?

Warning: This is a cutesy-kid post that may be of absolutely no interest to any except my sons’ grandparents. I’m trying to put more things on my blog and less on Facebook, where it disappears after a day or two. I recently downloaded all my activity from Facebook, so some of the kid stuff is going on here. (Don’t worry. You won’t have to read about every move my kids have made since I joined facebook 2 1/2 years ago.)

I was orginally going to just post a couple things kind of as an update on how Bennett’s speech is rapidly changing. Then I thought I’d sort through the Facebook posts and see what I had to say about what he said over the last few months. It’s not all recycled Facebook posts, though. There’s some new stuff at the bottom. 😉

Oct 26, 2009 (15 months) “got teary-eyed tonight when Bennett said Mama for me for the first time. The little booger has been saying Daddy (not dada) for MONTHS.”

Aug 3, 2010 (2 years) “Bennett took off his onesie (without unsnapping it), grabbed a blanket and ordered Jeffrey to wrap him up like a “bito”. Just another day…”

Sept 16 (2 years, 2 months) “Bennett was standing at the top of the basement stairs yelling “Bob-bob! Bob-bob!” I thought his Spongebob dvd needed restarted. No, he was standing with the dvd in his hand yelling at Jay to come lay down and watch Spongebob with him. He’d even closed the DVD player and turned off the TV in the playroom. How do I opt out of having kids who will be smarter than me?”

Nov 11 (2 years, 4 months) “Bennett dropped his fork. While Jeffrey was being a sweet big brother and getting him a new one, Bennett grabbed Jeffrey’s fork and yelled, “Ha ha!” “

Nov 14 “We made it home, but Bennett really misses Papa and Grandma. Or as he calls them, POPpa and Muma.”

Nov 16 “Bennett doesn’t say “yeah”, he says “yah”. I have idea where he picked that up.”

Dec 7 ” The boys are “swimming” through the house. Bennett decided he had to take his onsie off because he’s “ah bee”. (Translation: “at the beach”) “

Dec 9 (2 years, 5 months) “Apparently, one can never have enough dinosaur books. Even if one can’t read yet. “More rawr!” “

Dec 12 “Jeffrey is learning not to play Hide & Seek with a toddler who can’t really count yet. 1,2,5! “

Dec 19 “What did I do for enertainment before I had kids? Bennett knows “2” & “5”. He also knows if you turn one upside down, you get the other (sort of). So every time he picks up a 5, he says, “Five”, the turns it over and says, “Two”, and vice versa. And you’re not allowed to argue. Logic has no place here. 😉 “

Dec 19 “Bennett just recently started talking and it’s sweet, entertaining and frustrating at the same time. He just told me, “My pizza happy.” How am I supposed to figure out what that means? LOL”
“I think he may have been bragging. The whole thing went like this: “Mama pizza all gone. My pizza happy.” Not sure he quite understands what “happy” means, but I think he was rubbing my face in the fact that my pizza was gone and he still had some. LOL”

Dec 21 ” Bennett: Mama! Hide.
Me: You’re hiding?
B: Yeah.
Me: Where are you hiding?
B: TV.
Me: You’re hiding behind the TV?
B: Yeah.
He hasn’t really figured out that the point of hiding is to not be found. 😉 “

Dec 22 “Jeffrey’s reading a dinosaur book to Bennett. There aren’t many things cuter than a 2-year-old trying to say, “Hypsilophodon”. LOL “

Dec 23 “So this morning at speech therapy, Bennett was making his usual sounds as if he’s counting.I said, “Show Mrs. Shannon how you can count,” thinking that after 2, she would have to prompt him.Nope. He counted to 8 all by himself, and I’m guessing he would have gone to 10, but he ran out of things to count. I got a little teary. That’s the first time he’s really counted on his own. This growing-up thing is bitter-sweet. “

Dec 28 “Bennett was saying “Yah”. Now he says, “Yep”. From German to cowboy in less than two weeks.”

Dec 31 “Jeffrey was trying to explain brothers and sisters to Bennett. Then came the quiz.
Jeffrey: So what am I to you?
Bennett: My Jeppy!”
Jan 5 “Bennett just brought me my water bottle and said, “Thank you, Mommy!” LOL I remember Jeffrey doing the same kind of thing. Apparently this manners thing isn’t as easy as it seems. 😉 ”

Jan 6 “Bennett told us a few minutes ago, “Jeppy mad me.” Jeffrey wasn’t mad at him, but apparently that’s the only acceptable reason for Jeffrey not wanting to watch what Bennett wanted to watch. “

Jan 12 (2 years, 6 months) “I think we’ve OD’ed on Dora. I was taping a package for ebay and Bennett yelled, “Sticky tape, Mama!” “

Jan 15  “For some bizarre reason, Bennett’s newest thing is saying he’s sorry all the time. It doesn’t matter if he’s done something or not. It’s just his new favorite word. I told him, “You don’t have to say you’re sorry all the time, baby.” His response: “Otay. Sowwy, Mama.”

Jan 16  “Bennett said “Arkansas” this morning, a word hasn’t heard in at least a couple of weeks. Makes me wonder what else is in there just waiting to pop out.”

His latest thing is “stupid”. We were looking for something to watch on Netflix the other night and he said, “Spongebob stupid!” I agreed and thought my kid was even smarter than I thought. But then he didn’t want to watch Garfield episodes because, “Nermal stupid!” I’m a little slow, but I eventually caught on. Spongebob is only stupid when he’s not in the mood for it. We’ve had a lot of “stupid” things in the house lately.

Jeffrey is no longer “Gaga”. He’s graduated to “Jeppy.”

We’re also learning how much fun it is to decipher words. It’s been a long time since Jeffrey was a toddler. I’d forgotten how many words sound alike. Nothing can make you feel “stupid” like having your child repeat a word 20 times while you run through every word you can think of that even remotely sounds like what he’s saying. Then giving up and saying, “Can you show me what you’re talking about?” I feel like Marlin from Finding Nemo. “You’re really cute, but I don’t know what you’re saying!” LOL

My favorite thing is that he’s started saying “I love you” spontaneously. Well, it’s more like, “I blub u,” but it works. I blub u, too, baby.