War From a 9-year-old’s POV

Jeffrey’s favorite birthday present last week was his marshmallow gun. One of his older brothers mentioned something about potato guns later that night. So Jeffrey asked me this morning if there were really potato guns. “According to your brother, there are.” I was in the middle of something so looking it up didn’t occur to me, but we can do that later if he wants.

A few minutes later, we had this conversation:
J: Wouldn’t it be great if in a war, the good guys had potato guns and the bad guys had marshmallow guns? Then no one would get hurt!
Mom: Who gets to decide who are the good guys and who are the bad guys? The reason they’re in a war is because they both think they’re right.
J, after thinking for a few seconds: Good point. So they can both have potato guns and they can both have marshmallow guns.

There you go. Somebody call the Department of Defense.

Thank you to all the veterans out there who have faced things much more dangerous than a marshmallow gun.