Stuff Kids Say

We made a quick trip this weekend out-of-state to attend my Grandma’s 80th birthday party. Bennett has started using more words over the past two weeks, but he suddenly started talking like crazy this weekend, and Jeffrey was normal witty self, so it was a fun weekend. Here are some Jeffrey-isms to start your week.

I know why it’s called Subway! Because your sub goes aWAY!

Daddy: Do you want some “sawmill” gravy?
Jeffrey: No! I don’t even like home gravy!

Bennett was talking up a storm, but his favorite words seem to be “emonade” (lemonade), “fooball”, “POPpa and Muma” (his version of Papa and Grandma), and “no”, which he’s never said before this weekend, and I suspect he may have picked up from his cousins on Saturday. Guess it had to happen sometime… ­čśë