But… I *like* my kids…

I’ve tried not to “go there” on this blog. “There” being any thing controversial. Sure, I posted about racism, but where’s the controversy there? If you’re racist, you’re an idiot and how many people go around bragging about being an idiot? But I noticed a trend last year on facebook. I ignored it (mostly) and posted on a private group when I couldn’t ignore it anymore. I never made any comments on facebook. Then I decided that my opinion and feelings are just that: mine. That doesn’t mean you have to agree or feel the same.

So this year when school started, so did all the statuses proclaiming to everyone they know that some mothers were thrilled school was finally starting back so they could get rid of their kids. Seriously. That’s when I decided I should be able to share my opinion without worrying about offending anyone. I’m not talking about homeschooling vs. public schooling here. That has absolutely nothing to do with this post.

I also have several friends who were excited when school let out for the summer and were sad when school started again because they had enjoyed their time with their kids over the summer. I *loved* seeing those posts. I don’t care if you send your kids to school. That’s your right to choose and not even the issue here. But why would you even have kids (especially more than one) if you can’t stand to be around them? That’s the impression you’re giving everyone when you announce that the kids are back in school with the same enthusiasm you’d announce that you won the lottery. What message are you sending your kids? I sincerely hope none of the kids mentioned ever saw their mom’s facebook posts, but even if they didn’t, they probably pick up on the feelings. Do you really want your kids feel like they’re an intrusion in your life and you’re happier when you don’t have to be around them?

I like a break as much as anyone. Jeffrey was in Mom’s Morning Out two days a week for three years when he was a toddler/preschooler. It was as much for him to be around as other kids as it was to give me some time on my own. We’re still discussing putting Bennett in a MMO program. Jay frequently takes the boys out for the day on a Saturday and I stay home so I can have a little quiet to get some things done. Or nothing done. But at least it’s quiet.

I’m not a saint or Super-Mom. I’m just a mom like everyone else. And with a *very* busy and opinionated 2-year-old and an 8-year-old with Asperger’s, sometimes I get tired and frustrated and I enjoy some time on my own. In fact, I had to stop in the middle of writing this post to referee. But most of the time, I’m happy to spend time around my kids, because -gasp- I actually *like* my kids.

4 thoughts on “But… I *like* my kids…

  1. Laurie,
    I've never heard you say anything that could be misunderstood to mean you don't enjoy your kids. Quite the contrary, actually. πŸ™‚
    This wasn't a rant against public schools or parents who use them. Or even parents who sometimes get frustrated. I would be at the top of the list, there.

  2. My kids like structure and are bored easily. I am neither structured or much of an entertainer. I enjoy my kids, but I also enjoy when they have something to do. (I can't really afford a summer's worth of day camp.)


  3. Thanks for your comment. πŸ™‚ The comments to which I'm referring were the ones like the first one you mentioned. It just makes me sad. I don't even remember which moms posted those statuses, so I'm certainly not holding it against them personally.

  4. I'm a benefit-of-the-doubt kind of person. I don't know exactly what kinds of fb statuses you saw, but I know what I saw. While I think there is little doubt as to what is meant by a mom writing,"Thank heavens the kids are out of the house and back in school," I think there is a lot of room for interpretation in a status like, "Woohoo! It's back-to-school time," or "Yeah! It's the first day of school."

    Personally, I love, love, love the back-to-school season. I always have. For me, the first day of school is like New Year's Day: a time of hope and promise, and new beginnings. New school supplies, new plans for the coming school year, new field trips and activities, a little more structure to our days after the lazy days of summer, crisp fall weather. What's not to love?

    I don't think I had a back-to-school status this year, but it's likely I've had one at some point. You could interpret it as me not wanting to spend time with my child, but you'd be wrong. I homeschool. I think moms who put their kids in school deserve the same benefit of the doubt. There's lots to love about the start of a new school year. It doesn't have to be about not wanting to spend time with your kids.

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