A Hypocritical Oath

After I published yesterday’s post, my conscience, or sense of fair play, or maybe it’s just my nit-picky perfectionism… something kicked in. Not long ago, I wrote about not judging others from one snapshot of their life – including a facebook status. I don’t take back anything I said and reading those statuses did make me sad for both the parents and the children. But I can’t assume from one comment that a parent doesn’t enjoy their children. I don’t hold any comments against anyone personally, and in fact, I don’t even remember which parents posted those statuses.

If you were one of those parents, you may want to consider how your public comments sound to others and even how your children would feel if they read or heard about them, even if you love spending every moment with them. If you really don’t enjoy your children, I truly feel sorry for you and them. Our children are our greatest gift.