“Say ‘Photosynthesis’.”

This morning, as I do most mornings, I took Bennett with me when I went to wake Jeffrey up. Bennett’s latest obsession is Mr. Potato Head and he can usually be seen carrying various body parts around the house. This morning, he had a nose and eyes. Jeffrey was pretending to be asleep when we went in and Bennett kept poking him on the top of the head with the nose. Jeffrey started giggling and I told him, “Wake up or Bennett’s going to stick an ear in your ear.” Now, right now, Bennett isn’t really talking much. He uses about 10-15 words and most of those are one syllable, so we’re always encouraging him to use new words. Jeffrey looked up and saw that Bennett was actually poking him with the nose. He said, “That’s not an ear. It’s a nose.” Then to Bennett, “Say ‘nose’,” and without skipping a beat, “Say ‘photosynthesis’.”  What did I do for entertainment before I had kids?