How did I end up standing in the post office doorway with my 2-year-old lying on the floor crying?  It wasn’t the usual tantrum, and I (and everyone) else actually thought it was pretty funny.

See, my husband thought it would be a great idea to “teach” the boys to use their Jedi powers to open the doors at the grocery store. We also have automatic doors at our post office and Office Depot. There are actually two sets at Office Depot with a little vestibule in between. I had to drag him away the other day because they had the outside doors stuck on “open” and he couldn’t get them to close as we were leaving. He was convinced that if he put his hands together enough and thought hard enough, they would close.

Demonstrating how to open the doors at the store

So, there we are at the post office. I had a lot of packages to send, so I needed to make two trips inside. On the way in, Bennett opened the doors for us and I had to wait while he held the doors open for the people coming in behind us. We dropped off the first set and headed back to the car. I was walking ahead of the boys, so of course the door opened before they got there. Apparently, Bennett thought Jeffrey had opened the door instead of letting him do it and he started crying. Then he got on his knees *in the middle of the doormat*, put his head in his hands on the floor (my little drama king) and cried. People had seen him at the door earlier and since I was standing there saying, “Jeffrey didn’t open the door before you,” they understood what was going on and they thought it was quite humorous. Of course, it wasn’t their kid camped out on the doormat. He did get up after a minute or two and held the door open for everyone while I got the other packages from the car. (Jeffrey was with him and I was just a couple of parking spots away from the door.) Just a typical day.